L.A. to Layoff 9,000 Teachers and Other Education Staff



This is a complete travesty!  How will the Los Angeles school district be able to function with 9,000 employees missing after June?  This is the second largest school district in the nation.  Talk about needing a bailout! 

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger doing in California exactly?  The state is still being run by the Terminator and it shows.  Of all the bills that may exist in the state, he’s allowing them to slice and dice the most detrimental area of interest to the people…the education system.  He claimed he couldn’t be at the inauguration for President Obama because of the financial trouble the state was in and it seems nothing has changed.

The entire county is up in arms and have rallied to bring these layoffs to a halt via city council, but to no avail it appears that they are moving right along with the approval of 9,000 pink slips through the Los Angeles Board of Education. 

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J.C. Brooks

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