8-Year Old Denied Anullment for Second Time


It is hard to believe that a judge or minister anywhere on our planet would arrange a marriage between what is essentially a baby and a grown man.  But even more ridiculous, Saudi Arabian judge would not allow the annulment between the 47-year old and the 8-year old.

The insane transaction occurred because the girl’s father was in debt to the man and he offered his daughter’s hand in marriage to pay the debt.  The whole thing is so absurd it would be understandable if her family took things into their own hands.  And some of the Arabs that I’ve known don’t hesitate to right the wrongs on their family.

Maybe the judge feels that this situation isn’t scarring her because he “ordered” that he does not have sex with her until puberty.  Now what happens if puberty begins at 10?

Read here for the rest of the story.

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