Is Obama Embraced By Muslim World?


Uh oh!  We better watch out for Tavis, the Republicans and the rest of the skeptics now that the muslim world seems to be cozying up to Obama and his policies.  The Iraqi government and Shiites have all but given him a complimentary prayer rug to use in their homes.  The President is enjoying a global hug right now and it has been his choices and careful movement amongst everyone that has kept him in the running for improving the image of America in such a volatile area such as the middle east.

The report from MSNBC says, “He understands the issues better, he has more familiarity with Islamic culture and society.” said Sheema Abdul-Aziz, a 31-year-old environmental conservationist in Malaysia. She said Obama seems “sincere.””  These attributes are something that are refreshing to not only the muslim world, but the U.S, where African Americans could say the same thing about Bush and his disconnection with our culture and well-being.

Read about Obama’s developments in the Middle East here.  He’s made more headway in the islamic nations than our Presidents have made in …well…forever.

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