After South Park Spoof, Kanye Is Knocked Down A Peg

Kanye on South Park
Kanye on South Park

Kanye was checking out South Park when what to his dismay came next…a depiction of himself!  Oh no!  Not a spoof of Kanye!  Surely there will be a  temper tantrum that could rival a level 8 earthquake.  But no!  to OUR dismay, he was amused and humbled.  That’s right…humbled!

He actually enjoyed the spoof they did of him and reportedly, he was able to get at look at himself perform…one of his past wishes.  Check out his response on his blog.  You might enjoy it too.

One thought on “After South Park Spoof, Kanye Is Knocked Down A Peg”

  1. WOW.. A HUMBLED KANYE. Hopefully he truly means this. I’ve always liked his music, but never understood his arrogance. This may even pull in more fans…(as if he could sell anymore albums). Good for Kanye!

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