Gary Coleman vs. White folks & Midgets and Mascots (Video)


To say Gary Coleman is a trip, is an understatement. In what we think is a “moment,” so to speak, a white sounding interviewer asks Coleman directly, “Gary, what do you think of white people?” Needless to say, Coleman took the bait and after pausing for several seconds, he began his spew.

It’s going to be interesting to see the reaction of his white wife, Shannon Price. Again, we don’t know if it was some kind of publicity stunt for a film he’s in called “Midgets Vs Mascots,” or if these are his real thoughts.

We sincerely hope dude knows what he’s doing or is at least in on the joke, ’cause from the video you’re about to see, either way,  it’s a risky move.

*Note* If you experience a problem with the sound, please manually turn up the volume with the tiny slider (yeah, it’s really there) to the right of the speaker icon.

Now could it be Gary Coleman is strapped for cash and having a difficult time with finding film roles that are suited to his “repertoire.” That’s the conclusion we’ve come to. Soooo …  as we noted above, he takes a role in the film “Midgets vs. Mascots” and is supposedly completely mortified by his affiliation with the film.  But as he says, “The mortgage keeps coming.”  Check out his rant regarding the project and his fellow co-stars:

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