Tavis vs. Obama?

It is undeniable that African Americans are overwhelmingly in complete infatuation with Obama.  And just like any infatuation, sometimes over time, the view of that person, place, or thing we covet comes into view clearer and clearer until we are no longer enamored, but much more skeptical.

And that is the same principle that should be evident with President Obama.  He is a friend of the people who has never expressed an affinity with any ethnic group over another.  But, it is apparent to us through the type of religious affiliations (he later had to denounce) that he has the interests that we hold near and dear to our heart…freedom and justice as it pertains to the African American community.

Tavis Smiley and other political pundits believe that this is a dangerous rope we walk with no safety nets below.  What Tavis and others fail to realize is that we’ve been walking this tight rope for some time and there has never been a safety net.  In fact, the closest we’ve come to being able to look down, is President Obama’s short tenure in office.

This whole production with Tavis being so demanding and making sure that African Americans hold him “accountable” for his actions can be equated with the issue of taking prayer out of the schools.  Prayer, like Obama,  is a positive element under any circumstance.  And the choice to keep it is a win win.  Those who want to pray can and those who don’t still have the option… when they recognize that a simple prayer never hurt anyone.

So quit your belly achin’ Tavis and get on with it.  Your whole career can’t be built on slamming the President.  Look what happened over at the Tom Joyner show.

If you’re interested in what Tavis’s new music group “Tavis and the Naysayers” have to sing about us Obama supporters, check it out here.

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