BET’s Next American Gangster: Monster Named Kaboni Savage (Video)

Members of informant Eugene Coleman's family that were killed in arson fire.
Members of informant Eugene Coleman's family that were killed in arson fire.

This guy is definitely the stuff of BET’s show American Gangster…despicable, infamous, and and a nefarious ugliness in the bone of the black community.  The death dealer Kaboni Savage, has been reported as being the boss of a drug cartel that has carried out acts of mayhem and devastation too numerous to name in Philly from 1997 to 2007.

But, he and a couple of his minions, were charged with a laundry list of offenses yesterday.  But the one that stands out above the others is the killing of an entire family of six.  The family was killed because they are related to an informant.  Those killed was the informant’s mother, his own toddler son, his adult niece and three children.

Someone in his family knew the right last name for this animal.  He was quoted saying in regards to witnesses, “Their kids got to pay, for making my kids cry,” Savage is quoted in the federal indictment as saying. “I want to smack one of their four-year-old sons in the head with a bat. … I have dreams about killing their kids. … Killing their kids. Cutting their kids’ heads off.”

Read about Philly’s liberation from this monster and his flunkies here. Or watch this report:

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