Maxwell Returns With A Bang!



Maxwell  may have been to your town by now, but we never talked about how much we missed him.  I don’t know if you were watching the BET Awards last year when Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton and Maxwell covered Al Green’s songs to pay tribute to Al Green, but when Maxwell came out, fro free and in a suit, he sent his fans over the moon. 

That was the first time that his fans had a chance to see him and be pleasantly surprised by the untarnished voice that we had missed for so long.  But now it’s time for him to drop that album Black Summer’s Night.  The EUR reported back in 2007, that it would be out in 2008, but he reneged.

Recently, he sat for an interview to talk about his hiatus and music.  He’s in good form and we appreciate him and can’t wait for the album to drop.  Check him out:


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