Black Men Are Summoned By MISTER To Teach



The classroom has been bereft of black men for far too long.  In the communities that are low on education and high on devastation, it is time that black men came back and assumed their rightful place at the helm of the community via our classrooms. 

The program Call Me MISTER (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models),  is the 10-year old product of Clemson University that partnered with other Historically Black Colleges and Universities in South Carolina  to combine resources and build a special program specifically for the training of black men to enter into the area of education.

The program not only makes a commitment to the lower income, under performing schools in urban centers, but also gives black men a chance to participate with the promise of scholarships and/or student loan forgiveness.  With that kind of deal who could resist? 

Let’s pray that there are more than a few good black men out there looking to make a commitment to themselves and their community through this program.  The classroom and other young black men out there need this example in front of them on the elementary and middle school levels, so they know that President Obama is not a fluke, but simply hard work and a dream.

Read here for full details about the program and why it is so necessary.

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