13-Year Old Drives 1,300 Miles…Alone


What kind of mad must you be to run out your house and drive 1,300 miles?  You might get hot under the collar in an argument and just drive to the store, maybe a friend’s, or even around town to clear your mind.  But, not 13-year-old Wyatt E. McLaughlin.  Apparently the incredibly angry young man hitched up  a trailer with two horses, in Virginia and headed to the rodeo in Texas! 

Now, how he found his way to Texas is probably a mystery to his family, but thank goodness we’re not reporting yet another story of senseless violence and the mother has been killed or the whole family for that matter.  If it takes 1,300 miles to get it off his chest … SO BE IT!!  Doesn’t make any sense, but at least no one is hurt or killed behind this.

Read HERE, but AFTER you hide your car keys and notify someone of your extra set of keys in the drawer.

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