Tonsil Cancer From An STD?



The medical community has learned that tonsil cancer has seedy origins that may not have anything to do with smoking.  Now scientists believe that the human papilloma virus  (HPV) has something to do with it but they haven’t advanced to the part where they say, “But we’ve got a cure for it.”

The HPV virus is on the move with those who have contracted the type specific to the mouth.  The only thing is that the rates of tonsil cancer and other ailments in the mouth are found by one scientist to be traced to oral sex and kissing for those that are HPV positive. There is still plenty more to learn about HPV although, scientists are certain that there’s more than 100 types of HPV.  It is believed that the rate of HPV occurring in the mouth and in general is due to the sexual acts that have changed over the decades.

Read here to see the scientific results.

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