Three Pittsburgh Officers Killed Over Urinating Dog



Officers responded to a domestic dispute in Pittsburgh over the weekend and ended up losing their lives.   A mother and son were in a dispute over a dog urinating on the floor and the mother ended up having to call the police to have the son removed from the home.  Well, somehow the son must’ve gotten in his head that if he was going to leave the house he was going to leave with a bang.

The 22-year old released over 100 rounds at officers in a four-hour standoff with police and SWAT.  The mother went to open the door to let the police in to get him, but when she opened the door, he immediately began to open fire on the officers killing a 14-year veteran and two cops that had only been on the force two years each.

The other side of the story is that the boy was a Marine reject.  He attacked his drill sergeant during basic training and was discharged.  After that, the mother said he began to stockpile artillery because he said that with the recession police was unable to keep them protected.  Sounding like a lunatic?  Yeah.

The moral to this story is, don’t shoot off 100 rounds at police officers killing three and LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT.  Everyone knows police have a special place for those who kill their comrades. 

Read the story and see if you make any sense of his actions…probably not.

4 thoughts on “Three Pittsburgh Officers Killed Over Urinating Dog”

  1. I’m all for the individuals right to bear arms, but any gun or rifle that is used by the military for war, we as citizen should not be able to purchase that weapon…. The gun lobbist in this country, have a strangle hold on Washington, & the politicians…. So much so, that even the laws on the books, that are suppose to prevent manics like this guy from purchasing guns, are laughable!!!! Heaven help us all!!!

  2. i wonder where all the racist fucks who posted on the oakland cop killings to post on this one?
    silence when its there own!

  3. I blame his Mama for this one…….She knew her son was a crazy F _ _ _!!!! why are you arguing about the damn dog peeing and you aint said shit about all the weapons he had. That’s what she should have called the police about. Mothers harbor criminals all the time….It’s disgusting, this is why we have so many gangbangers.. If you see your kids straying to the left to the left..Do something about it…you know..Move they asses to the country some damn where and let them bang with some farm animals… if you move they move..Where else are they gonna go..All of they’re so called homies, live with they mama too……..

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