President Obama Has Opened Chicken Shacks?


Here we go again?  Are we going to have to continue to talk about race the entire time the President is the President because in my humble opinion, the entire thing is getting to be a waste of time and intelligence.

A couple restaurants in Brooklyn and Harlem, predominantly black communities, thought that it would be cool if they put President Obama’s name on their businesses. First of all, who the hell would validate you renaming your business to include their name if they’re not getting a stake in the business?  Secondly, he’s the President for pete’s sake!  You don’t think that he would mind you putting his name on your business to sell your product?

But the problem is that New York is in an uproar because the product is fried chicken. The owners of both restaurants say they were sort of paying “homage” to the man and giving him respect by doing this.  Already City Councilman Charles Barron threatened to demonstrate next week outside of Brooklyn’s ‘Obama Fried Chicken.’  The same thing is planned by community activists for ‘Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza’ in Harlem.

But the silliest part of this whole thing is you can bet your last $5 that when black folks want some chicken next week, they’re going to these places again.  Especially if they are a  favorite spot because they “know how to  fry my wings up hard like I like ’em” as Cedric has said on the Steve Harvey show many many times.  Yeah I said it! Shoot me!

I guess I could be offended that it’s a fried chicken place, but WHY?  Don’t Republicans and hillbillies like fried chicken?  And not only that, the statement was raised that if McCain was the president they wouldn’t call it McCain fried chicken.  Well of course not!  #1 The establishments are both in the hood. #2 If you wanna sell black folks ANYTHING McCain had better not have his face or name associated with it.  That just doesn’t make good business sense does it?  Who wants to think of McCain while trying to enjoy their fried chicken?

Check out the rest of the finger lickin’ story HERE.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “President Obama Has Opened Chicken Shacks?”

  1. Are the businesses Black-owned?

    I don’t think it’s racist. I’m not offended, but is certainly is silly.

    The whole thing. lol

  2. Maybe you could change the webpage name title President Obama Has Opened Chicken Shacks? | EUR This N That | Urban Black News Blog to something more specific for your blog post you make. I liked the post yet.

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