Obamas Give the Queen An iPod

The President and First Lady Meet The Queen and Prince
The President and First Lady Meet The Queen and Prince

In case you didn’t already know, the Obamas are sitting with the Queen today for the G20 Summit at the Buckingham Palace.

In case you’re not sure what the G20 is, it’s just a real player type way of saying the world’s most powerful leaders that maintain 85 percent of the world’s economy.  So, now they’re all coming together to try and hash out the world’s economy.

Well, during the initial meetings with the Queen yesterday, President Obama and the First Lady with their young and happening, technologically savvy selves, thought it would be a nice gesture to give her an iPod.  According to MSNBC, the thing is tricked out with “video footage of her 2007 visit to Washington and Virginia. She was also given a rare songbook signed by composer Richard Rodgers.”  In return, she gave them an autographed picture of herself and her husband Prince Phillip.  The Queen has sat with 11 of our Presidents (you do the math).

President Obama was really striking a great impression with her even as he did the “black man thing” and parked his bulletproof Cadillac in front of the garden entrance and no one else could get in.  You can laugh…go ahead.  We give you permission …this time.

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