Illinois Offers Compassionate Evictions


At least if you get evicted in Cook County these days you’ll be greeted with a smile and maybe some resources.  They send out a team of people who care, you know, like social workers and police officers.  In fact, they show more patience and consideration than your cousin Jo Jo that likes to turn his back to the door and kick it as his form of knocking.

We told you about Sheriff Dart of Cook County back in October of last year, when he refused to serve evictions.  They are sincerely ahead of the game on what our government agencies should be doing during these harsh times.  Their crew of enforcers that show up now give you three times to before they have to make you leave.

Evictions are a very sensitive thing, similar to the dilemma of repossession.  In the past, some of the people that have been evicted have committed suicide in front of the cops as soon as they open the door or they unleash children on them, so they feel some sense of compassion. What would you do in this situation?  Maybe the same thing?  All I have to say is, hats off to you Cook County.

Read the details of the progress this method could make in your town.

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