Cigarettes Take Largest Price Hike In U.S. History



I can remember us kids going on errands for the parents in the block.  All of us with a different thing to buy.  Some of us had to go to the corner store, some to the grocery store or to the convenience store.  But, we always had to make buying cigarettes a part of the list.  At the time, a pack of Salem’s were $1.44.  Fast forward 30 years, and the price on cigarettes has tripled…well, at least that’s what I thought until today.

USA Today reported that the federal government has decided to go ahead with the largest tax hike on cigarettes ever!  There is no way around paying these astronomical taxes.  I know, I know, the last thing that someone smoking cigarettes everyday wants to hear right now during a recession is that their #1 pastime (that in most cases helps them sort things out and relieves the pressure), is getting ready to get even more unaffordable.  Nothing more satisfying than leaving the job and firing up a “square”, right?  Well, it’s gonna cost you if you wanna get a smoke these days.

In some states, like D.C., you will pay $3.01 in taxes before you get to one cigarette.  The prices are already nearly $5 per pack.Read here if you want to see the startling list of tax dollars you’re going to pay if you gotta have it.

-J.C. Brooks

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