Internet Crime On the Rise


The economy is so bad that people better not only lock their doors, but use more common sense and security precautions online.  Fraud is the major getter of goods online right now.  If there’s security on your computer and it is still hacked, you may  have someone to blame, but if you don’t have your computer secured …take care of that now and get it secured!!  Now if you’re perusing Craig’s List and someone is offering a $500 10 carat diamond ring and you send your money, well, let’s just say we hope your foot isn’t much bigger than a size 6 when you think to kick yourself for the amount of un-common sense it took to go for that one. 

Now that may sound extreme and highly improbable, but you’d be surprised.  The Financial Times has reported that “the most frequent complaints – some 33 per cent – were over electronic correspondents failing to deliver promised goods or failing to pay for goods they received.”  And it doesn’t stop there, Craigslist and  ebay are responsible for another “25 percent of the cases.”  Ready to pull back on the next pair of shoes you were getting ready to order from one of those online discounters?  I bet. 

Read here to see what you should be watching out for out there.

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