Olbermann Puts Obama/CNN Reporter Encounter In Perspective

Keith Olbermann
Keith Olbermann

Everyone knows that Keith Olbermann is a huge Obama fan.  He supported him through the election and is constantly having to put someone in their place when the President can’t really say what’s on his mind.  Another opportunity availed itself the other night during the President’s press conference.

CNN’s Ed Henry asked some pretty basic questions on AIG and the President’s reaction to the company’s bonus spending in particular.  But, he tried to make a name for himself by obviously bating the President (who is too cool for that) and using his daughters in one of his statements saying, “You keep saying you’ve inherited a big fiscal mess.  Do you worry though that your daughters not to mention the next President  will be inheriting an even bigger fiscal mess if the spending goes out of control?”  But the President took his opportunity at the end of Ed Henry’s pointless rhetoric to blast him one good time.  So, don’t give up, wait for it, wait for it.  It’s at the end of the questions that Henry rattles off to the President.  You have to see it in its entirety, so you can view Keith Olbermann’s remarks in context:

Now it’s Keith Olbermann’s turn.  He discusses with journalist and asst. managing editor for the Washington Post Eugene Robinson, who is a regular on Olbermann’s show, that the next day Ed Henry depicts a more grandiose scenario in an article he wrote for CNN regarding the face off between the President and himself.  So here’s Olbermann and Robinson’s take on the Henry/Obama encounter:

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