Obama’s Laughter During 60 Minutes Sparks GOP & Media Tizzy


Here we are again people!  Another chance for Obama to say he’s sorry for something. It’s monotonous and asinine the way the media over at conservative Fox News and other conservative outlets that support the GOP, make a living.

Although, I do admit, when he started to laugh during the interview, right at that moment, I was confused at the chuckle, but he immediately explained himself and it was done.  Plus, the man has a set of the whitest, straightest teeth you’ve ever seen on a President.  He may have been showing off.

But, what I’m trying to convey is this … when is Obama going to use his executive order and crack down on these media outlets like Moses or something,  hold up his cane and say, “Enough is enough.  The next time I’m held to public ridicule or even checked for behavior that’s not even a mild case of the scenarios we have been subjected to under Bush’s rule, the very mess you claim I’m laughing about now, I will shut you down!  It will take the elite members of the Special Olympics track team to keep me off your ass!  I will laugh when I want to laugh, say what the hell I wanna say, and matter of fact, I now declare this a dictatorship.”

Could you imagine THAT as your townhall meeting?  That would be a wish come true.  I’d look at the television in complete awe and satisfaction.  Finally, HE SAID IT.  Just like they thought he would.  Like Bernie Mac used to say before he got his show, “I know why they won’t give me a show.  They think I’m gonna say somethin!”  Come on President Obama … really give ’em somethin’ to talk about!

See the video of the infamous chuckle heard around the world:

-J.C. Brooks

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