Circumcision Can Keep Away STD’s


I know there’s some men out there thinking, “You’re a damn lie!”  But, there is really information that has been reported to confirm that circumcisions help keep away some STD’s.  Herpes Simplex Virus 2, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and HIV are the contenders that it appears they’ve been able to reduce  by circumcision.  But the suspect part that sounds a little too close to Tuskegee experiements is the more than 3,000 uncircumcised ugandan men who did not have Herpes  and was scheduled them for the circumcision or circumcision within 24 months.

The story was published Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine and goes on to inform that “at 24 months, 114 of the men initially circumcised and 153 of the noncircumcised tested positive for H.S.V.-2. ”  After they controlled the area  for health and behavioral factors, the researchers concluded that circumcised men had a 25 percent reduced risk of infection.   Unfortunately, these results do not transfer to their partners. They also noted a 35 percent reduced risk of infection for HPV too.

Read here to see why it’s necessary to consult with your doctor when having your next baby.

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