Vigil Held For Oakland Cop Killer

Police Shot


The community is still trying to heal from the recent events that happened during a routine traffic stop earlier this week when four Oakland police officers were shot and killed.  As the area braces for a funeral that is sure to be massive in attendance, the shooter of the cops was recognized with a vigil last night by dozens from the community.

There was one cousin in attendance that said he was “a true hero, a soldier.”  The family and other residents obviously remember him in a different light than those who are reading the daily ticker on news outlets like CNN that say that not only did he kill the four police officers, but he also raped a 12-year old girl in February and the day before the shooting they provided a DNA match linking him to the crime.

So, surely, you can see why there would be those who have a problem with the celebration of his life in any way.  The group that arranged the vigil is merely giving those in the community that are upset with Oakland police a vehicle to voice their concerns.  But this may not have been the time…to some.  Read all the details here.

6 thoughts on “Vigil Held For Oakland Cop Killer”

  1. HUH?
    I mean.
    I’m speechless.
    (imagine that!)
    Um. I know the news
    and the police
    ain’t the greatest source of
    I can’t really see past the rape.
    and even if I could…
    Isn’t killing ONE police
    to get your point across.
    Black people.
    All black dudes killed by cops
    ain’t martyrs.

  2. I don’t understand, here is a brother that raped a little girl, that had other crimes in the past, and now killed three people that was only doing there job. Wake up Oakland !!!

  3. Are you fricking kidding me! If this is the kind of person you hold vigils for I see why our community is so jacked up.

  4. I would be embarrassed and ashamed to be a part of this spectacle..You wanna have a vigil…At least make sure it’s for a good cause…We all understand what happened with the kid who lost his life at the train station a few months back…And, that situation upset alot of us..But, one doesn’t have anything to do with the other……… don’t celebrate people dying in the line of duty….

  5. How did one person kill four officers? As soon as this fool pulled out a weapon, an officer should’ve shot him. The worse thing about situations like this is wondering if the police are afraid of firing at ghetto hoodlums. Could it be that if/when a cop shoots/kills a ni**a there’s a riot? Who cares? Most of the time, rioters burn down their own neighborhoods anyway. This cop killer should be dead.

    To me, the picture above indicates that there are ignorant ghetto folks of all ages, including elderly blacks. They are just as much to blame for the destruction of black families/black communities. Its not the white race, racism, or slavery. IT’S GHETTO-MINDED, UNDISCIPLINED BLACKS who destroy everything and anyone in their paths.

    These types of black communities refuse to recognize that by holding this vigil for a child rapist and cop killer, THEY are condoning this ni**a’s heinous acts of murder and rape. They see nothing wrong/despicable about a 12-year old black girl being rape. That goes to show that black children aren’t really protected by the very people who are suppose to be protecting them.

    I’m 50 and for as long as I can remember white people, racism, and slavery are not the problem in the black neighborhoods I live in. IT’S THE EVERYDAY, IGNORANT, GHETTO BLACK RESIDENTS.

    That little 12-year old girl’s life will never be the same. And the worse part, it’s evident that her community’s not supplying her w/ a support system b/c they are supporting the ni**a who raped her.

  6. The GREAT news is that this monster is DEAD. I just read online that he was shot and killed by police. HALLELUJAH!

    His name’s Lovel Mixon and his DNA was a match in at least 5 other rapes. But it was the 12-year old who was able to identify him.

    The first two officers who were shot and killed had no idea that when they pulled Lovel over that his parole officer was looking for him. But Lovel knew, like so many others, that once he gave DNA samples, he was gonna be linked to those rapes. ALL guilty criminals know that DNA doesn’t lie. Plus, he said that he wasn’t going back to jail.

    Lovel was one of 12 kids. He was married and had a daughter. They say he was a certified plumber and custodian.

    What I don’t understand about these types of males. They have families, including children, yet they’ll commit rape. What if a pervert did the same thing to their child? How would that make them feel?

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