Pharrell Goes Michael Jackson to Get McDonald’s Open Early

Pharrell Williams was obviously having a Big Mac attack in Paris recently when he put on his best Michael Jackson impression dancing through their waiting area for a “big mac, filet o fish, quarter pounder, french fry, icy coke, milkshake, sundaes, and  apple pie.”  His production wasn’t enough to keep the girls at work and filling his order.  Enjoy.

Pharrell Williams trying to be convincing at a McDonald's in Paris

3 thoughts on “Pharrell Goes Michael Jackson to Get McDonald’s Open Early”

  1. Oh, Pharrell, Pharrell.
    Hast thou forgotten? Thou hast not had a hit record since 2005!
    Those young French women were 8 when you last scored, my friend.
    Your dancing celebrity wilt not getteth you fed.
    Or anything else.

    …still a skinny cutie though…

  2. He was really artistic and he had alot of creativity i would rate him a 5 star for he was some one very special.

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