Octomom Fires The Help!

Nadya Suleman on the Dr. Phil show
Nadya Suleman on the Dr. Phil show


If you have multiple children (and I mean a normal amount like 2,3, or 4), you know that any amount of help you receive, whether it be daycare, nanny, family, whatever!  Those that help out with those little people are priceless.  So, imagine how absurd it sounds to turn people away when you have 14 children and eight of them infants and all of them under eight years old.  Ridiculous right?

This crazy lady is saying that she felt that the nanny service that offered her free round the clock help with the six she had before and the four that have been released from the hospital were spying on her to social service.  She felt that they were taking notes on her behavior to prove she will not be able to provide a proper environment or accommodations for all of the children. 

I don’t know, but sending the help away and living in such a small space (anything shy of a mansion) with her kids, may just ring the alarm at social service anyway.    Who knows?  But, for some strange reason, I think she has just forced the outcome with social service that she didn’t want.  Check it out:

Fox on Nadya Suleman's firing "Angels In Waiting"

5 thoughts on “Octomom Fires The Help!”

  1. Shoot me if you must, but I actually kinda don’t blame her. Despite how we feel about her and her parenting abilities, she seems to love her children. And to tell the truth my first impression I got from of a couple of the nurses that were there to “help the babies” seemed like some real ignorant women that would think everything that you were doing to raise YOUR CHILDREN was wrong and would report EVERY LITTLE THING to CPS. Please, let’s be real, who would want that in their household. I sure as hell wouldn’t. If this women feels that she can afford to hire her own help with “free assistance” then I give her all her props for doing it her way to live a happy life with HER babies. People need to leave that woman alone and take care of they own damn kids.

  2. correction “without free assistance” then more power to her. By the way her babies are ALL absolutely adorable. I could see people wishing that them babies were there own.

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