Man Hits Lotto With Madoff’s Prison Number

Ralph Amendolaro of Queens, NY
Ralph Amendolaro of Queens, NY


The numbers on Bernie Madoff’s prison suit are worth something too, thank goodness.   As the government loots him for all he’s worth to recoup some of the nation’s money, a construction worker in Jersey used the numbers as his Lotto picks and hit.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Is that what you said when you saw this story?  The construction worker saw the photo in the paper and said why not?  This is the first time someone had a genuine opportunity to make some money off of Madoff.

The entire incident is reminiscent of old folks and street numbers.  They see a number on the side of a bus, then see it again in the grocery store and watch out.  “That’s the one!” 

The numbers actually coming out on the lottery must’ve been a quiet Madoff consolation gift from the Lord.  Hope this guy decides to send this photo as a gift to Madoff in jail.  That would be great!  Read the story here.

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