Florida Police Send Letters Home If You’ve Been with Hookers



The old folks used to say, “You act like a child, I’m going to treat you like a child.”  Well, the Florida police are going old school on the “johns” in the area.  They are mulling over the idea to start sending letters home with the “children”, aka men, who pick up hookers.

The Lieutenant said the area is running rampant with prostitution right now.  Not only has business picked up, a lot of the prostitutes out there that are HIV positive and they are just trying to give the wives a heads up on what they could possibly be contracting when they sleep with their husbands.

Can you believe there are women that do not support this?  That’s unbelievable.  One woman actually said, “I don’t believe that’s their right to do that.”  Well, the police department will be looking into it.  Hope she isn’t a recipient of one of these “Dear John” letters.  Check out the report:




3 thoughts on “Florida Police Send Letters Home If You’ve Been with Hookers”

  1. This is an idea long overdue! Any woman who doesn’t think that this is a good idea is CRAZY! Men are natural born liers when it comes to admitting their cheatting. You could see them cheating & ask them point blank why they did it, & most will swear up & down that you didn’t see what you thought you did….

  2. Men who cheat should be stoned on the spot. Funny how women are the only ones penalized when caught in adultery but she cannot do it alone! Men who cheat with prostitutes should be forced to pay “no more prostitution” support those women until they get a legal job. Seriously, Adultery should be illegal everywhere. Who would not want to know to be able to protect themselves?

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