Bankers Going To Rehab?



The rehab centers are getting new clients.  Not that they are new to addictions, but admitting them and doing something about them is something whole different.  The financial giants of Wall Street and banking institutions are heading for rehab as they are watching their homes go up for foreclosure and their jobs be eliminated.

A psychologist in the report says that the nature of the job the financial experts perform taps into an adrenalin rush that leaves them more susceptible to drug addictions.  Let’s just pray that Bob and Jim don’t end up int he same facility as Craig and Ray Ray.  There may be a misunderstanding. 

But, there’s probably no chance of that because a counselor that has started rehab specifically for senior executives.  A month in rehab costs between $25 and $60,000 at high-end private facilities and most of his clients pay out of pocket for privacy.  Read here to see how the other half do rehab.

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