If You’re Sensitive, Black And Single *Don’t Read*



My month on Facebook has been very interesting … rekindling old friendships and learning a lot more about myself. I didn’t take things too seriously when filling out my status … what I’m looking for and the rest of the blah…blah … blah, until someone asked, “Why are u still single?”

I deflected like I normally do and said “I haven’t found the right person yet.” Sometimes, I might say “There aren’t any good women out here” or “I’m not ready yet.” After thinking about it, I realized that I might be the problem (just like a lot of my single friends).

Look!! we’re like “old as heck” and the majority of us are not married…that’s a problem. How did our generation destroy the institution of marriage? What changed so drastically from our parents to us? Never before in the history of mankind has a segment of the population been this dysfunctional.

There are a few patented answers that come up. The most popular seems to be “The dynamic of the 21st century family has changed (two working parents). Okay, that much is true but the disparity between black, white and latino is incredible. We just don’t do the marriage thing. Is it because:

1)We hold our mate to unrealstic standards (that we don’t even measure up to)?

2) We think that as soon as we get married we’ll then meet the person of our dreams?

3) Are we so delusional that we think we’re perfect??

I’m dying to know the answer. The sad result is…it’s now socially acceptable. Our children are growing up with mom and her boyfriends and dad and his girlfriends, so throw family values out the window. Now we’re passing these generational curses down.
I said all of that to say this, if you are married, fight to make it work. Keep your family together! If you’re single, slowww down. The right person might be chasing you. Face the facts. We’re not getting any younger. It’s like Charles Barkley trying to come out of retirement … got new competition out there bigger, faster and stronger. It’s time to sit your old ass down. Now … I’m stepping off the soapbox and turning around slowly, so you can all throw tomatoes at my back. — Jamie Davis

2 thoughts on “If You’re Sensitive, Black And Single *Don’t Read*”

  1. i don’t think very many tomatoes will be coming your way, jamie. you raise some very good questions, and i, for one, can’t wait to see what others think the answer(s) is/are. i think “why are you still single?” is probably the most hated question a single person can be asked…i cringe every time i hear it. probably because i don’t know the answer.

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