Four Oakland Cops Killed By Serial Inmate: Who Do You Feel Sorry For?


An obviously troubled ex-offender that was on parole had a shoot out with police in Oakland, Calif. before being shot to death.  26-year-old Lovelle Mixon was wanted on a “no bail” warrant and stopped earlier in the day on a routine traffic stop.  It was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, that during that stop, the young man opened fire with an assault weapon that eventually resulted in the deaths of four cops. 

Although Mixon and his family have been through some rough times, he is akin to lots of other black males in the country who have been raised by their grandmothers.  His sister even lost her left eye during a shoot out and his maternal grandmother that raised him in Atlanta is deceased and he’s now with the paternal grandmother.

The question to you is this, and don’t cheat and write the expected answer…who are you feeling sorry for…the police or the young man?  Read here to make the call.

47 thoughts on “Four Oakland Cops Killed By Serial Inmate: Who Do You Feel Sorry For?”

  1. 4 officers doing their job are gunned down by a career criminal and you ask who I feel sorry for? Is this a trick question?

  2. This question is a joke, right? This young man’s past is troubling, but there is no excuse for killing four police officers. There are plenty of people with troubled pasts, who get out of prison to lead productive, crim-free lives.

  3. I feel bad for all parties involved. The shedding of blood and loss of life affect a large majority not just the individuals immediately involved.

  4. Don’t assume that these officers were ‘innocent’. Like usual, they were from outside communities in Concord, Tracy, & Walnut Creek. Many cops come in with a racist mentality when they police in Black areas. And many times, they approach in hostile manners.

    I’m gald that this has happened close to the Oscar Grant case. You have 1 situation where a cop kills an unarmed man, and 1 where a man kills cops.
    You can now see the hypocrisy in which the cases are handled.

    Too many times, the badge protects thier racist actions.

    Not condoning what happened, but i do believe the playing field needs to be even.

  5. I think this is an interesting scenario, like the last comment – it is a tragedy for all parties involved; but it seems when a person of color is killed by police it is business as usual, when the role is reversed there is an outcry of compassion and the individual committing the act is deemed wrong and there is no other side to the story.

    Unless a person has been a victim of an unjustified police killing – then it is hard for one to phantom how others might have a different perspective than the norm.

    But, a loss of life in this circumstance is just bad for all parties involved.

  6. This is so stupid and a mockery to the families that have lost loved ones – what if this was your family member? Should we take a survey to find out if they should die! U lack taste & integrity, go write for the Enquirer!!!

    Everybody that reads this stupid ish should complain to the EUR Staff

  7. I live in Oakland and if feel sorry for both families. People wanna think it’s good that happened to those officers and I feel sorry for people who make such statement. THE OPD is very very corrupt don’t get me wrong what that young man did was unjust. You do the crime you have to the time.

  8. Another black scumbag. The police need to deal with blacks more forcefully. I hope this series of shootings is studied and more efficient ways are put into practice to deal with armed blacks.

    As for Mixon don’t even start with that “troubled young man…victim of the system” crap. I couldn’t care less. From what has been reported he was a violent criminal before this weekend. He chose to do these things. I hope Mixon’s family suffers every day.

    My sympathy to the White victims’ families.

  9. Lyn,

    Your just as big of an idiot as the one that killed those police officers and that’s the reason why we have situations like this.

    So, your saying because this man killed 4 police officers, now all black men will kill 4 police officers? You couldn’t possibly be that ignorant if you tried.

    And I suppose because your on this board saying the most racist thing you could possible say, I guess that makes all white people ignorant and racist like you.

    Get a damn life and pick up a book. I know your not trying to pretend all these white serial killers and kids blowing up their schools, whose skin is white is not just as guilty as this black man!

    READ A BOOK! Or keep your mouth closed!

  10. Not paying your taxes can make you a ‘criminal.
    Driving on a suspended license, carrying a loaded weapon, speeding, petty theft, squatting, jaywalking, etc….all are criminal acts. You dont know circumstances of his assault with a deadly weaopn. He could have gotten that charge from defending himself, happens often.
    But the fact that you dont know is the reason why you shouldnt make judgments against him.
    The police has a historical legacy of racists acts against non white, and will continue to operate as a racist occupational force.
    Out of all the comments i read here and elsewhere, there’s no mention of sympathy for the families of Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, and countless of other non profile cases of police killing and beating unarmed people of color. So continue exposing yourself.

  11. To be honest with you. I do not feel sorry for any of them. They are both Criminals

  12. Don’t like to see anyone killed, but when I think about all of the unarmed black men killed, sounds like justice to me.

  13. If anything I believe it is actually a testament to the California prisons, and our justice system as a whole. What he did was essentially commit suicide without pulling the trigger himself. Local papers have said that the man was not able to find a job as an ex-con and had given up hope. I live in Oakland and I know this to be truth even prior to the recession. McDonald’s are run by Mexicans and other immigrants so even the most menial jobs are not available. It was done out of desperation. They say he was “career criminal” (which doesn’t make any sense because he obviously wasn’t making a living) so he was most likely on his 3rd strike which would send him back to prison for no less than 15 years. I don’t agree with the killing, but going back to prison was another form of death and I’m not sure which is worse.

  14. Lots of individuals have had hardships in their lives and they didn’t turn to a life of crime. I am sick of those who would use hardships and a tough upbringing as an excuse for someone’s irresponsible behavior and poor choices.

    In case you can’t figure it out, I feel no sympathy for the criminal.

  15. Here’s a new one for you idiots, another warrent was issued on Friday 3/20 for Mixon’s arrest stemming from DNA evidance that he was the prime suspect in rape that happened late January in Oakland. He is also considered the prine suspect in a Oakland murder that happened in December 2007…

    This guy was a G.D. piece of garbage, he deserves no sympathy from the law abiding, all he deserves is to burn in hell for all eternity.

    I’ll be there Tuesday night 6:00 pm at 74th & MacCarther to pay my respects to the four OPD officers; as for Mixon, how could anyone in their right mind feel nothing but contempt for him? If you feel otherwise, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

  16. The lost of any life is always a tragic event, no matter who’s it is! I have much respect for the job that officers do, but I also know that they can grossly misuse their power. They more often than not assume that everyone they incounter on the street is guilty of something. They forget their motto TO PROTECT AND SERVE… As for WP64’s comment about this young man being a prime (not prine) suspect, the key word in his sentence is SUSPECT. It does not construct any guilt on Mixon’s part. WP64’s logic is the very reason why, there are so many innonct people of Color in the prison system!

  17. The word I meant to write in the last sentence is INNOCENT (not innoct).
    You see WP64, ANYONE can makes a mistakes.

  18. DNA evidence is very conclusive and has freed hundreds of innocent people from prison. Friday’s rape warrant for Mixon, the second warrant for his arrest, was issued so that the police could perform a second DNA test to conclusively determine his involvement, or not, in the rape case.

    Today we learn that the shooter ran to his sisters apartment after murdering the first two cops and his sister was in the apartment when SWAT went in; Mixon didn’t even have respect for his own sisters life and it appears that he used her to hide and shield himself. And some in our community want to martyr this coward. WTF!!!

    I’ve been in Oakland for 32 years, I’ve had my differences with OPD and I’ve seen first hand abusive police tactics by rouge cops, this case isn’t about that in my opinion. Mixon, a convicted felon, had 2 outstanding warrants, gets pulled over by OPD and comes out shooting, murders 4 cops and wounds 1 and puts numerous other lives at risk through his actions.

    Sorry Folks, society didn’t ‘make’ Mixon what he was, Mixon chose his life of crime and in the end died because of it; I feel no sorrow for this dogs worthless life.

  19. well..a white cop killed an innocent black man a few months back…now a black man killed 4 innocent white cops…hmmmmmmm the streets said u fu*& wit us and we will fu*& you up cops…

  20. Ok, first of all the cops where protecting themself from a guy shooting at them. Wouldn’t you do the same and fight back if a guy was shooting at you? I mean what kind of question is this. Cops are out there doing their thing protecting us keeping their own life on line, and people are stuck on the race card. I happen to have contections to some of these guys who were killed and I’m not saying this b/c I know them. But seriously what were they supposed to do? Where they supposed to sit there and take it without fighting back and say here shoot me? I’m sure I wouldn’t. I have my life that I’m trying to protect and go home to my family at the end of the day. I’m sorry I’m not going to let someone decide when it’s my turn to die. I mean if I ended up dying in the end it’s not b/c I just sat there and took it. No best believe I’m going to do everything in my power to do what I have to. So everybody needs to stop with the whole race card and look at the situation. Look who shot the gun first.

  21. well sarah,
    many times with white cops and black men, its always the cop who shoots. And i agree with your entire post. That’s why black men need to adopt it and protect themselves…even if it’s against racist murderers. White agressors always have the race card drawn.

  22. Policing is a dangerous job no matter where it’s being done. Sadly this is a very real occupational hazard, and people sign up knowing this. With all that being said, I can’t say that I’m shocked by what occurred In Oakland. Being from New York, I’ve seen my share police -involved shootings take place and not one cop convicted for injuring, or killing un-armed civilians. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for rogue cops who abuse the badge. You never know when you may run into another Mixon. In this case I feel sorry for nobody.

  23. This is the smartest thing written on this site…..I applaud the writer.
    All of the other racist remarks just show all your ignorance.

    “WP64 Says:
    March 23rd, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Here’s a new one for you idiots, another warrent was issued on Friday 3/20 for Mixon’s arrest stemming from DNA evidance that he was the prime suspect in rape that happened late January in Oakland. He is also considered the prine suspect in a Oakland murder that happened in December 2007…

    This guy was a G.D. piece of garbage, he deserves no sympathy from the law abiding, all he deserves is to burn in hell for all eternity.

    I’ll be there Tuesday night 6:00 pm at 74th & MacCarther to pay my respects to the four OPD officers; as for Mixon, how could anyone in their right mind feel nothing but contempt for him? If you feel otherwise, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

  24. Why doesn’t anyone question the circumstances of a murder when its committed by someone of color? I notice that when murder is committed by someone white, it’s always dissected and anylized. Murder doesnt always mean ‘cold blooded, taking the life of someone ‘innocent’. And rape charge doesnt always mean u committed rape.
    Remember, America and everyone in it will also be judged the same way in which we judge others.

  25. I feel sorry for the shooter. If the police do not want to get shot at then do not become cops. Once anyone get in the prison system there are little no one way to turn ones life around. We in society think you can keep all these criminal locked up and problem will be solved. A large part of the prison system will be relased & with out any jobs or education they have little or no chioce. They get release with a few dollar, right back to the streets that got them into troble. Everyday someone inocent get killed in Oakland, but the mayor never goes on TV and cry for gun control, are you going to tell me the little girl that got killed by a stay bullet life is less valueable than a cop? Does race play a factor, financial status, sure. But in the end everyone loses..the cop, the family of the cops and even the shoot and his family. NOw the shooter is not a saint and I’m not trying to paint him as one, but if in his killing of the 4 cops brings gun control to the city of oakland and by doing so results in hundred of other lives being saved. Then he and the cops died for a just cause…the greater of the good

  26. GUN CONTROL, please do not be fool. Gun control will not effect this problem. These cops were not killed with a registered legal weapon. what we need are less restrictions for law abiding citizens to carry concealed. Perhaps if a law abiding armed citizen (such as myself) were present he would have not had the chance to kill the second pair of officers. Gun control is a way to disarm law abiding citizens and help in the repeal of our 2nd amendment rights. Law abiding citizens do not kill people with legal guns. Scum bags kill people guns that they acquired illegally. they will always be able to get illegal guns, like pot, it will always be available. If they take the guns from all law abiding people, what would our country be like?. Guns do not kill people, people do. How many time will this be said before people get it.


  28. Niggers and Mexicans are violent stupid breeds and need desperately to be exterminated from the face of the earth.
    They have been allowed far to much freedom in our country and delight in raping decent folks of their money and possesions.
    Every damn time I turn on the news I am greeted with another brown skinned beaner with a greasy mustache and tattoos who just raped and killed an 80 year old woman,or raped a 12 year old on her way to school.
    They steal every fucking thing that isnt nailed down,spread disease and sorrow everywhere they tread and speak an obnoxious gutter language that is at once laughably stupid sounding and moronically befitting them.
    Beaner women are fat and stupid and want nothing more than to push around 5 beanettes in a thrift store stroller and bang their outlaw roach of a boyfriend.

  29. fuck you, you qhite scum,damn you for fucking mayonnaise, and ugly fat white bitches.
    I am sick of you Jonas Borthers looking hard rock, pasty faces.
    Eliminate all whites, drive a drill into their maggost ass brainds.


  30. lol native american is trolling.

    yeah this is no contest, i feel sorry for the cops. only an insane person or a complete fool would take the other side

  31. Spook:

    You have the attitude that kills us. We need to worry about killing ourseleves daily and too many of us want to look for others to blame. Black on black crime is the number one race vs. any other race stat. We have got to stop this. I know, I know, you will say this has been created by others and not ouseleves – BS!

    Are there some racist cops? yes. But there are racist people in all walks of life and of all colors. Until the day comes that excuses are not the norm and personal responsibilty is, how do we get respect overall?

    Really, there is not much I can say to convince of you what is correct. You obviuosly have already decided to believe vs. responsibilty and for the use of excuses. Come on, stop holding us back man…! It is you who hold us back, not others’, can you not see that at all…?

  32. By the way, many others’ on this site should be completely ashamed. At least Spook is just convinced by our “bad suppossed leaders”, as sad as it is. The slurs I have seen beyond his posts are horrid, I wish no hatred like that towards anyone, but that typw attitude can make the most reasonable person quite angry.

  33. midwest black man,
    my attitudde is not forcing cops to murder us, nor is it forcing us to kill each other. Black on black crime is a by product of white supremacy. This isnt a social phenomenon, this shit is by design. Insert any other race into our conditioning thru slavery, lynchings, rapes, etc, and see if they wouldnt suffer like we are today. A doctor cant tell you that u’re sick because you want to be. A doctor checks your symptoms, find the cause, then take the action to make you better. If you think what i say is BS, then YOUR attitude, and others that think like you, may actually be part of our illness. You can bring up the same ol ‘there are racists of all colors’ statement if u like, but i dont see any other race based ideology that continues to maintain the Black holacaust other than WHITE SUPREMACY! Even on the level of the OPD.
    I never denied that we dont have our own responsibility to HELP try an fix ourselves, but i think this system, this country, and the collective of white people who benefit from this society ALSO HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to help us help ourselves!
    You can choose to ignore the causes if you like….

  34. Now you why I carry a pistol wherever I go. that dumb ass should have never been out of prison. I would cap his ass in a second. if the stupid ass elected officials would let the police do their job as they should, they would have their guns drawn when approaching this car and would have gotten the first shot off and killed the black ass SOB

    Funny how it is always the white guys fault. Hey blacks, if you do not like living in my country, there are flights leaving daily of the mother land. Go Home!!

  35. No one has been enslaved since the 1800’s, lynchings have been more rescent, but I doubt u know anyone who has a relative that was lynched, I dont. Your theory of doctors telling u are sick and u believe it is true (classical conditioning), but it is just as true that if you have bad leadership who always want to point their fingers anywhere but inward, you will believe that as well (obviously you subscibe somewhat to this). Too many of us just decide to point the finger and blame others so we can have an excuse for rediculous behavoir. Personal responsibilty needs taught bro, not how to blame others for bad behavior. Please tell me that u do not believe the gov’t created the aids virus and have planted drugs in the inner cities to kill us. I’ve known a few radicals that actually beleived this, of course when I chose not beilieve this, one threatened to shoot me (nice mentality for those who think that way huh, of course you will probably tell me that it would not be his fault if he shot me – its the systems fault). Anyway, I wish you and everyone well, that is those who mean well anyway.

  36. I agree. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. 4 cops gone mean hundreds of people saved from police harrassment, setups, killings and brutality for as many years as they would have served.

  37. rest in piss to the 4 punk ass cops that died that day, cops arent people, cops in my eyes are lower than shit in a toilet, ive been victim to police brutality a few times, when i was 12 years old a cop put me in handcuffs and proceeded to slam my head into the window multiple times then pulled my shirt over my head i felt like i was going to die. Lovelle Mixon, a hero to many youngins in the streets, rest in paradise. fuck the police all day 187 on an officer.

  38. I feel bad for the poor guy who died. Who cares about the cops? Seriously, I do not. Nor should anyone.

  39. Cops should have the right to shoot any sack of shit who pulls OR points a gun at them. This sack of garbage should and will rot in hell along with the rest of the street shit in that degenerate city of San Francisco.

  40. Hey “spook”, Your an idiot and have obviously never been a victim of any kind in your life. Sean Bell. The only tape you saw on the news was the one doctored by the liberal media to not include the part where they ran over a detective before the shots were even fired. You think the cops are a “racist occupational force”? Please I see black, hispanic, and jewish cops all the time. Get you head out of your ass. The problem is that 95% of violent crime is black on black crime. Look at the FBI statistics. It isn’t racism that cops are operating under the influence of, it’s reailty. Trust me if I had to carry a gun for a living and someone pointed a gun at me I don’t give a shit what color he/she is. I’m going to take necessary action. Why do you think people are scared of the ghetto? Becuase it is full of hate, violence, and racism fueled anger. Go spend some time there late on a friday or saturday night and talk about how much you hate the white man you moron. The president is half black for god’s sake.

  41. And “northern California” you sound like you are next in line to get yourself blown away by one of your fellow americans down there in the ghetto. Keep up the intelligent way of life. Collect your check from the government that keeps you right where you are. You hopeless, gutless, sad representation of an American. Self-respect is a concept you will never understand.

  42. Take a look at the average # of substantial complaints against any police department in the country vs. the # of calls for service they go on all day every day. You will find less than 1% legitimate, substantial complaints of “police brutality” or whatever it is you want to call it. You all can sit around on your fliip phones and act like you know something about anything. It is funny how 90% of the population never has a problem with the police, and 10% has to deal with them all the time. What does that tell you. Sounds like 90% of the population pays taxes and the other 10% bitches about them “racist ass cop” Grow up you fucking morons. The rap songs you grew up on was the wrong education.

  43. Those cops that got killed were the ones that stopped his bullets from taking out an innocent bystander. Fucking heros, period.

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