Borat Is Exposed!

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno
Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno

The master of disguise, Mr. Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat and Da Ali G show, is being exposed by The Smoking Gun.  Once again, he’s on the move around the country, this time as Bruno, to find some suckers to be in his next film.  He was swamped by lawsuits in the last film for misleading the participants.

This time, he’s set up all types of dummy websites and businesses to deflect his involvement in this film documentary being filmed for German television.   Surely, he will not escape the lawsuits of this film either.  But, one interviewee that is a white supremacist, agreed to the interview he did based on the interview being done by a german.

Read here to check out the antics he has up his sleeve.

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