President Obama On Jay Leno

President Obama visits Jay Leno
President Obama visits Jay Leno

Of course everyone is talking about a President being on Jay Leno.  Never done before.  The President was as comical and comfortable as any guest.   It appeared to be an enjoyable time for Jay Leno.  He even got to get in some of his jokes.  None of them at the President’s expense of course.  Secret Service.

They got into a conversation about the bowling alleys in the White House and Jay Leno implied that the President had gotten rid of them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the President told him that he has bowled a 129.  But, as the conversation went on, it got ugly … with the President referring to his score as something from the “Special Olympics.”  Now, this is a sound byte I know he’s praying that they will let go of.  Rest assured, they will not.

Check out the full interview here:

President Obama on Jay Leno March 19, 2009

6 thoughts on “President Obama On Jay Leno”

  1. I find all of this to be absurd! No one mentions the important things he spoke of on the economy, banking, the stimulus, his budget, etc. But one slip of the tounge is like the shot heard around the world! I understand that being the most important man on the planet means ya gotta be careful bout what cha say, but come on now! He had the class and dignitry to call the head of sp. olymp. and apologize, etc. before the show was even aired! I say str8 ahead President Obama!

  2. America became a non-reading society years ago. It was a stroke of genius for President Obama to agree to appear on the Tonight Show. Think of how many non-reading but Tonight-Show-watching individuals he reached!

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