Jokey Joke: Now That They’re ‘Sucking At The Gov’t’s Tit,’ CEO’s Are Learning The Newest Way To Fly


Raise your hand if you feel sorry for all those poor CEOs. Well, we don’t mean poor literally. We mean poor as in the fact that Americans have sorta turned on the poor guys … and gals, too. It seems that when the public found out about AIG giving it’s execs multi-million dollar bonuses, that was the last straw!

It’s now a world in which the feds are telling them to take that corporate jet and shove it! They can do that because these days, as Senator Grassley of Iowa says, “From my standpoint, it’s irresponsible for corporations to give bonuses at this time when they’re sucking the tit of the taxpayer.”

Now Jet Blue has gotten into the act with a hilarious viral ad campaign:

“If you’re not a CEO, stop watching this video immediately … Still there?” JetBlue presents the CEO’s guide to commercial jetting. Now that they’ve had to dump their private jets, they need lessons in dealing with airport terminals. “Unlike the terminal where you parked your old private jet, T-5 (JFK’s Terminal 5) is filled with regular people. Relax Carl. Think of them as shareholders. JetBlue can get you to many cities where you already own homes or hide money. Aruba!”

Below you’ll find the 3 gut busters that have people talking about them and sending them to their friends and family.

Here’s #1

Below is #2 and 3:

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