Hip Hop Radio Jock Says ‘Abstinence Is Kool’; Bill Maher Takes Cynical, But Funny Approach To Subject

Kendra G
Kendra G

It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s true. A well known and popular Hip Hop DJ in Philadelphia is proudly saying NO to sex. Not only that, but Hip Hop radio personality Kendra G, from 100.3-The Beat, is successfully recruiting teen girls to take the pledge of “Abstinence Is Kool: I’m Not Doing It.”

And while Kendra G stands behind her program, she understands the contradiction it poses to the sexually driven images often associated with hip hop.

“All we see is the one side of hip hop … the girl dancing, the female doing whatever she has to do to get with the guy. But, I’m also a face of hip hop and I’m saying abstinence is cool,” said Kendra.

And with encouragement from hip hop heavy weights Common and Jamie Foxx, one-hundred and seventy girls have declared “they’re not doing it.” Scroll down to watch her abstinence video and learn more HERE.

Meanwhile, funnyman Bill Maher is pooh pooh-ing the whole idea of abstinence in a cynical but very funny skit from his comedy special “The Decider” on Republicans and condoms, abstinence pledges for teens.

Scroll down below Kendra G’s video for Maher’s take on the subject.

Kendra G’s ‘Abstinence Is Cool’ PSA:

Bill Maher’s cynical but gut busting comments about the abstinence pledge:

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