There’s A Gay Version of the Game of Life?


I don’t know about you, but we used to play the game of Life like it was life when we were kids.  We took it seriously.  As an adult, I noticed that some of the options on the board have changed to include technological advancements, but now according to, there is a version out there on the Internet that allows you to choose a same sex spouse.  Anyone heard about that?

The report also states that there was a woman who tried to respectfully criticize the game through, the site offering the homosexual option, after her and her six-year old played and her daughter wanted to know why she could choose a woman for a spouse.  The site administrator removed her review of the game and informed her that her remarks were “inappropriate.”

What do you think about the game’s alteration?  Read the details of the story here.

2 thoughts on “There’s A Gay Version of the Game of Life?”

  1. I think it is great that “Life” the game has put out a gay/lesbian version. I wish more of my African American brothers and sisters would look at Life through a gay persons eyes. If in fact it is true that sexuality is not a choice, then how do you think it feels to be excluded and devalued by your own people from childhood? It seems most of the readers that comment on African American blogs never think about it. Issues relating to gay & lesbian issues are full of hate and condemnation.

    At least “Life” opens the discussion between parents and children that your value is based on your life deeds and not your sexuality. Hopefully the game has people of color in it as well. If it doesn’t that is another article. Thank you EurWeb for bringing this to my attention.

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