19 Year-Old Beats Off Then Beats Mom

Antwan Grandberry
Antwan Grandberry


Warning:   Ridiculous story will follow.  Proceed. 

There is a report circulating the Internet of a young African American male who thought that it was so nice outside that he couldn’t resist masturbating in the backyard.  Then what should happen, but Mom returns home.  She catches him mid…ummmm…well you know.  And then she goes off!  What mother wouldn’t?!

She goes in the house and the fool goes to the front door and rings the doorbell.  She answers it, she yells at him again and he punches her smack dab in the nose!  Mothers out there PLEASE RESPOND to this one!  You have got to share how many items from your medieval torture manual you would’ve unleashed on his ass!  If you can stop shaking with fury long enough, the story is here.

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