Man Kills Four At Birthday Party


What the hell is going on?  First a man kills his new wife, her sister and their children; then a man walks in a church and unloads his weapon on the pastor; then two men, within a month of the other, kill their families and themselves in California over bills.  I say again, What the hell is going on?  Now, yet again, this man walks into a birthday party in Miami and starts ranting about the people that were the reason him and his estranged wife didn’t work out.

He then pulls out a weapon and starts shooting.  By the end of it all, four people were dead:  his estranged wife, her mother, her daughter, and her daugther’s boyfriend.  But, it doesn’t end there.  There is an explosive ending to all of this mayhem. Read about it here. Please, can someone, anyone tell us what the hell is going on?  This guy is straight out of the movies.

One thought on “Man Kills Four At Birthday Party”

  1. Hello:
    Please enlighten me–why are so many links promising interesting articles deemed as
    “not available”? There is one link in the story MAN KILLS FOUR AT BIRTHDAY PARTY.
    Then we are promised an explosive ending if I click “here”. I clicked, and was so
    disappointed to find, article “not available”.

    Thank you for an explanation.

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