Alarming News: D.C.’s HIV/AIDS Rate Skyrockets


The District of Columbia is experiencing an HIV/AIDS crisis as bad as or if not worse than parts of Africa.  The epidemic rate for a city is 1% and D.C. is now at 3%.  No one knows what the cause is behind it, but the numbers available represent all those tested.

Also, the numbers add up to 2,984 residents being infected per 100,000 or 15, 120 per the newest results in the 2008 epidemiology report.  Another key to this report is that almost half of those who slept with someone in the area of D.C. or had some sort of “connections to the parts of the city with the highest AIDS prevalence and poverty rates said they had overlapping sexual partners.”

There needs to be a major condom awareness in D.C.  Any suggestions?  Read here for the entire news.

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