Photos: Tavis Smiley Speaking In LA About His New Book ‘Accountable’


This past Wednesday night (March 11), Tavis Smiley addressed the crowded theater at The Nate Holden Center in Los Angeles to promote his ‘Accountable’ book tour sponsored by United Healthcare. Scroll down to check out a couple photos from the event. Here’s some of what he had to say about the tome. Scroll down for pictures.

“In (the first) book we lay out the top 10 issues of importance specifically to African-Americans … that we knew we wanted the body politic to wrestle with once we got into (the 2008) election,” Smiley said. “We were already on this journey before Barack Obama was on the national stage.”

But Smiley is unapologetic about making sure whoever leads the country is held accountable for the state of the nation.

“In America, we simply fail and falter when it comes to follow-through,” he said.

By the way, “Accountable: Making America As Good As Its Promise,” co-written by Stephanie Robinson, is in stores now.  For more information, visit:

Tavis Smiley Speaking In Los Angeles About His New Book ‘Accountable’:

Photo credit: Brittani Tilford
Photo credit: Brittani Tilford
Photo credit: Haywood Galbreath
Photo credit: Haywood Galbreath

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