Wanna See Kwame Kilpatrick’s Sext Messages?

Where does Kwame Kilpatrick get off suing Skytel over his text messages between him and his former aide being released to the general public?  It’s his irresponsible behavior that is at the crux of all his misery.  At any rate, since Skytel left the gate open, the newspapers are now releasing the records in downloadable files.

We can guess that the voyeuristic nature of the general public can’t resist reading each and every one of the 6,000 text messages sent between them.  Not only that, the Detroit Free Press is having a contest, if you will, to see which text you like the best, so they can pick from your suggestion and post the top 10.  Sick?  Yes.  Will people participate?  Again…yes.

Check out the madness for yourself.  You know you want to. You can also download the “Sexts” HERE.

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