Iraqi Journalist Threw Shoe At Bush Goes To Jail


The Iraqis are in an uproar over the journalist that tried to take W’s head off with his shoe during a December press conference.  The man was outraged by his sentence of 3 years and yelled, “Long Live Iraq!”  He’s a true revolutionary. 

Aren’t you mad that none of us from his own soil ever tried to send so much as a Tic Tac in the same direction of Bush during his eight year tenure?  Now how could that be?  Didn’t he disgust us just as much?  The journalist is not only a hero to them, he’s a hero to a lot of us right here in America.  How many people you know gave a high five or a hearty laugh when they saw that shoe flung across the room, then an unload and fire again?

Read here to see how the Iraqi people are supporting him.  I’m going outside to hang shoes on the wire in honor of this true revolutionary.

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