Michelle Obama Says ‘Eat Right, America!’

Michelle Obama in White House kitchen


Michelle Obama is taking strides to ensure that we are winners in the battle of the bulge.  She let cameras into the White House kitchen and showed off her chefs as well as what they were cooking.  She lets the nation know that her fruits and vegetables come from the various farmers in the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia area.

She is adamant about getting community gardens started and feeding one another.  Never before has a First Lady suggested something so anti-big business.  This endorsement for the farmers brings those of us that run to McDonald’s back home and takes the money out of big business and puts it back in our pockets.  Having our own farms would alleviate the high cost of eating organic foods that a lot of us can’t afford.  It’s a plan Michelle! 

Read here to see what she wants you to do.

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