Violent Video: Elderly Female Bus Driver Brutally Beaten By Teenage Thug

16-year-old thug attacks elderly female school bus driver
16-year-old thug attacks elderly female school bus driver

In Kalamazoo, Mi., a bus driver took the beating of her life from a 16-year-old teenager en route to a school for emotionally challenged young people.  The bus driver merely asked the young man to sit down in his seat, but he became enraged and landed a barrage of punches to her face and head.  At the end of the beating, she was left with a broken finger, bruises, cuts and scrapes to the head and face.

“It was very violent,” Kalamazoo Township Police Chief Tim Bourgeois said of the beating. “First punch that’s followed by repeated punching to the head; at that point she is trying to cover her head with her hands.”

What you are getting ready to see is graphic and disturbing.  You can also read the details of the incident here:

4 thoughts on “Violent Video: Elderly Female Bus Driver Brutally Beaten By Teenage Thug”

  1. He is so lucky that was not my mother or Grandmother. They would have found him dead… I blame the parents for not teaching their kid. 1st you don’t hit women, 2nd, you don’t hit elderly woman. I hope he goes to jail and he is put in the cell with big bubba who is doing life.

  2. What in the world!! He needs some counseling and some jail time! That was RIDICULOUS, and the people that are supposedly taking care of him and seeing him through his emotional issues should be fired!

  3. Counseling? That’s the first thing people always say. He needs to be held accountable for his actions, and he needs a good ole country ass whooping. His parents also need to be held accountable. I do agree with Kat, if it were one of my family members…..Good Lord help him. I wouldn’t blame the lady if she didn’t have someone whip his ass. I’m an elderly and I love kids, but things are starting to get out of hand and society is doing nothing about it but talk. Today’s times, a dog is treated better than a human being. If that had been a dog he beat like that, oh my goodness, al kinds of groups would be calling for his head. We are living in a mixed up world right now and we need things to change. Looks like the Old Wild, Wild West needs to come back….oh, it’s already here in AZ, gun toting state. My, what has the world become….Satan is alive and well…LORD, Help Us All.

  4. I can not believe that. She should have knocked his ass down the stairs and off the bus and ran over him with the rear tires. Sorry but if someone hits me it just makes me psyco.

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