Dora The Explorer Drops Cute For Sassy


Parents everywhere are outraged at the latest “updates” to Dora the Explorer.  Some are so outraged they’ve even started an online petition to halt the makeover.  They aren’t releasing the tween-age Dora’s complete image, but they have released the above silhouette.  The Dora we all know and love has succumbed to the almighty dollar initiative put forth by companies everywhere.  She’s already a huge draw with her show garnering more than 21 million viewers worldwide, so why is it necessary to revamp her image?

Have you been to the store lately and tried to find your little girl a decent outfit?   The toddlers are now subject to fashions that resemble that of a teenagers.  Not to mention the cut of the clothes have become so narrow, you find yourself buying a size 4 for your size 2 toddler just so the jeans will fit up on her butt.  Don’t they realize she’s wearing a diaper or a Pull-Up?  Or is it more important that they have low-rise jeans at two years old?

Where are we headed when television, in tandem with retail stores, encourage our girls and boys to discount their potential in the arts and sciences in hopes that they are “cute” enough to get the job.  Or even more severe, in a time when sexual predators are on the rise and have shown up in the most unlikeliest of places as well as come in the form of the most unlikely of people, why make our children sexy?

Dora, as she is, doesn’t just represent a young Mexican preschooler, but a place where the mind finds bubbles the most  incredible thing they’ve ever seen and it’s cool to be immature and  curious, loving and kind, cautious and simply a child.

Read here to get the details of this travesty while I go sign the petition?

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Dora The Explorer Drops Cute For Sassy”

  1. where can i sign the petition?? who has that logo…. “where a kid, can be a kid”….?? well this change in dora to make her older is just sending the wrong message, imo. kids these days arent given the opportunity to be children…u gotta know your way around a keyboard to enter pre-school before u knowing what 1+1 is….u know. soon 5yr olds will have to take “stress” meds…

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