Sex-ting Is Newest Trend Causing Deaths



Have you heard of sex-ting?  Apparently, it’s a trend amongst teens that has caused at least one known suicide.  The act of sex-ting is when someone sends sexually provocative pictures from their cell phone to someone of the opposite sex.  The only problem is that when you’re young, you don’t think of the consequences of leaving such a thing out in the digital world.  This young lady’s ex-boyfriend released her racy photos to the high school population.

The Information Age is definitely out of control.  There is too much access to various types of information and not enough restraint on what children are exposed to.  But, some may call that coddling and , I call it good parenting.  The cell phone is just the tip of the iceberg.  Have you watched “To Catch A Predator” lately?  Amazing who you will see on that show and how many teens are accessible and are easy targets for sex crimes. 

Read here to get a clear understanding of this latest trend and what you need  to know about it to protect you and your kids.

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