P. Diddy Opens Up About Oral Sex in the Studio

P. Diddy showing love to the big girls
P. Diddy showing love to the big girls

P. Diddy.  What can you say?  The man of a thousand faces.  He’s at the pinnacle of his career that doesn’t appear to be slowing down, but he is still most known for the discovery of Notorious B.I.G.  Now there’s been a film about his life, numerous dedications, albums produced and released posthumously, yet after all this time can you believe no one but Huffington Post Blogger Barry Michael Cooper thought to ask Diddy if Biggie was getting “serviced” in the interludes in the Interludes.his albums?

Diddy appears to be a little out of sorts throughout the interview, but he really gets a bit tongue-tied on this subject because, as he admits, no one has ever asked him that before.  Check out his interview.  At about six minutes and 40 seconds into it, he talks about Biggie’s “service” in the studio that made his work so  “authentic.”

Diddy on Biggie's Career and Oral Sex in the Studio

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