New York’s Governor Paterson Takes His Aides Pay

New York Governor, David Paterson
New York Governor, David Paterson

Governor Paterson has drawn a little controversy to himself that is more than likely going to affect the way he receives his coffee and other “favors” everyday.  All that saving him the last doughnut and making sure his papers are filed accurately and making sure he gets his messages and proper research done is over.

The staff he has just took pay cuts when they were supposed to get raises.  He too has frozen his income, but they probably said, “Hey! We never said we wanted to make that sacrifice with you!”  The governor is blind, so that puts him in even more of a sticky situation as he might need a few more “favors” from his staff than past governors.

Read here to find out why he’s making others join on his bandwagon.  I guess they better be glad they still have the jobs, huh?

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