Janitor Job Gets 700 Applicants?


If there were ever a testament to the state of our economy, this is it!  It is no surprise that this type of job would garner this many applicants because on a normal day in a normal economy, janitor might be the job that most people think they qualify to do.   But now, in this crisis, the position looks even more appealing.

The 700 Ohio residents in that line represent G.E.D.’s, high school diplomas, and in this economy, the exceptionally educated.  The people in this line are the people of the nation, diversified in education and cultures all looking for an opportunity.  All the companies in America, that have managed not to go belly up, have never had it so good.  They now have their pick of any and every exceptional professional and experienced person available.

Read here or view the story below to get an idea on when someone will be picked for this position.  It’s like watching for the lottery results.  Someone will be the lucky winner any day now:

700 apply for Janitor job in Masilion, Oh.

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