Pigs Are Smelling Up Congress


Have you ever been on vacation and while driving down the road with the windows open you catch a mouth full of the most foul breeze on Earth?  Everyone in the car is furiously rolling up windows to stop the horror that has just eeked its way in.  At this time, you can’t even turn on the AC because the smell might make its way in that way.  Now imagine if you lived next door to the mayhem of this odor? 

You’d be trying to get someone in Congress down there on the case, right?  Well that’s what some in a small Iowa community have done.  To no avail, they have only been ridiculed by the Republicans over the years as Democrats search for a solution to ridding and/or suppressing the smell.  One man experienced headaches, but doctors couldn’t conclusively say they were caused by pig stench.  But he’s reported being headache free since he retired and moved into the city.

Read here to see the full damage of pig stench.

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