Hear OctoMom’s Histrionics-Filled Phone Call To 911

Nadya 'OctoMom' Suleman
Nadya 'OctoMom' Suleman

If you kinda sorta thought OctoMom (Nadya Suleman) wasn’t “quite there,” shall we say, the recent release of her phone call last October to 911 via TMZ.com should convince you that she’s not dealing with a full deck.

If you haven’t heard it, she thought one of her (six) kids, a five-year-old, was missing.

At one point she repeats over and over that she’s going to kill herself — in front of her other children.

And get this, police sent five patrol cars to her house — but  the five-year-old had simply followed his grandmother around the block.  Somebody cue the “Twilight Zone” theme song!

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