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Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry

If you have signed up for Tyler Perry’s mailing list, you may have been the lucky recipient of his latest essay of inspiration.   We thought we’d print it in its entirety for you here just in case, you are not a member, but need to hear encouraging words.  Enjoy.

Hi there,

I’ve been reading the message board and you’ve made it perfectly clear
that you wanted me to share with you, so here’s a long one…(smile). Now
you know we need to keep our jobs so if this is too long, then read it
when you get time and send it to some friends. Okay, here goes.

Every time I have a movie come out I do a press conference, and with MADEA
GOES TO JAIL it was no different. I’m always asked a lot of questions.
They’re usually the same questions, but this time I was asked something a
little different. I was asked how did I get to be homeless. I told the
story but this part got left out of the article. When I talk about God
people don’t like to print that for some reason. Anyway, I ended up
homeless following what I believe to be the voice of God. I know that may
sound crazy, but hear me out. Here’s what happened.

I wrote my first play at 22. After I wrote it I prayed and asked God to
bless it and lead me in the right direction. No sooner than I said that, I
was in Atlanta visiting for Freaknick…(LOL). On this visit I realized
that there was a small theater called the 14th Street Playhouse that I
could afford to rent and perform my play in. So feeling led, I moved to
Atlanta, got a job and went to work on saving money to do my show. I just
knew this would work. Anyway, there were 200 seats. I thought I would do 6
shows and 1,200 people would come and I would be set. There was one
problem. I needed time off from my job to do it. I asked my boss and he
said no. I went to my desk and prayed. I said, “God, if this is for me to
do then lead me.” I clearly heard the voice say, “Quit, it will be all
right.” So I did. I did the play and instead of 1,200 people showing up
only 30 came over the entire weekend. I said, “Okay God, where are You?” I
couldn’t hear a word. Now mind you, I could always hear from God. You
remember my parakeet story?

Anyway, of course I was broken-hearted, but I picked myself up and went
and got another job. I got a phone call a few months later. Someone who
had seen the show wanted to invest in another show. So I was faced with
the same decision again. I had just gotten a job and they wouldn’t give me
the time off, so I had to quit to go and do the play. Same thing. I went
to my desk and prayed and heard that same voice saying quit. So I did.

Now from 1992 until 1997 this happened over and over again. I was only
doing one show a year, and every time the show failed. So, I would go get
another job. But there was always someone new who wanted to invest. I got
another opportunity to do a show, but I knew I would have to quit my “GOOD
JOB” as my mother would say. I was making $350 a week. Anyway, I went to
the boss and asked for time off so I could do the play. He said no. So I
went back to my desk and prayed. I said, “God, what should I do?” I
clearly heard the voice say quit. So I did.

I went out and did that show. I think it was in Spartanburg, South
Carolina. Anyway, I rehearsed, loaded the U-Haul truck and drove down
there. There was a little rain as I was going there. When I got there I
found out that a hurricane was coming through. Nobody showed up. I was
devastated! As I was driving the truck home through the rain, I was going
as fast as I could. I was so hurt and angry. I prayed and prayed and said,
“God, You told me to do this. Where are You?” I didn’t hear a word. It’s
scary when you can’t hear from God. Anyway, I got home and there was the
eviction notice. I went out looking for a job and found one, but by the
time I got my first check it was too late. I came home from work to find
all of my things out in front of the apartment building. I didn’t care
about the stuff. Let me take that back. My stereo, that I had bought from
one of those rent-to-own companies (where you pay five times more than
it’s worth), was ruined. I was mad about that…(LOL). Anyway, the thing
that hurt me the most was that I had so many scripts and songs and things
that were ruined from the rain. I sat there getting what I could together.
I put them in my car (that was up for repossession) and drove around all
night. Finally, I slept in the car. When I got my next check I started
staying at this pay-by-the-week hotel. There were drug addicts,
prostitutes, and any criminal element you could imagine there. During this
time, I was still praying and I still hadn’t heard from God.

I called home for a family member to send me some money and I was told
that I should give up this dream and that I was never going to make it. I
was told to stop doing this play [email protected] think that was one of my
lowest days. I cried like a baby because this was someone that I truly

I was working at UPS. Now I was up to about $400 a week, but I couldn’t
seem to get ahead enough to get my first and last month’s rent. This kind
woman (who I have been looking for for years) named VIRGINIA HARDIMAN, in
Atlanta, loaned me the money. She told me to hold on and that God would
see me through. I didn’t want to hear that. I felt like He was the reason
I was in that situation.

Anyway, I got an apartment. The one I showed you the picture of. And was
so happy to have a roof over my head. My thought was, “God, even though I
can’t hear from You, thank You! Thank You for this place!” I was grateful.
Before I knew it 2 years had passed by and I was getting comfortable in my
place. It had become safe. I stopped dreaming. I was taking the advice of
the family member. I had settled in and didn’t want to dream anymore. It
hurt too much. I was 28 at the time (you have to be careful when you get
comfortable in a place that’s not your home).

Anyway, life was okay, but I was so unhappy. By then I had moved on to
another “good job” and I walked into that place everyday miserable. I knew
there was something more for me. I had gotten so depressed. All I would do
was work, come home, eat and sleep. Thank God I have never done any drugs
because I know I would have been strung out. You also have to be careful
when you’re not happy or you will find yourself in some situations that
you never thought you could be in. And I did. I started drinking pretty
heavily back then. Saturday night I would drink, but Sunday morning I was
at church still trying to hear from God. I had given up. Some kind of way
the rent got behind again. When I think about it, the rent was $425 and I
was only making about $1,200 a month. I had a car and gas and food to buy,
so I guess it was easy to get behind.

Around this time I got a call from someone else who wanted to invest, and
she said we had an opportunity to do the show at the House of Blues in
Atlanta. I said no. I SAID NO! Oh God when I think about this I get a
chill. They had to beg me to do the show! It hurt too much to have that
dream be revived in me and not make it. I just couldn’t do it. I said no.
With a lot of coaxing I finally gave in. Can you imagine if I wouldn’t

Anyway, the night of the play I remember sitting in the dressing room
getting ready for the show. I was playing old man ‘Joe’ at the time. I sat
there complaining and talking to God saying, “You always get me out here
and You leave me, and I’m 28. This is it! I’m not doing this anymore!” Can
you imagine me talking to God like that? That’s crazy! But I was so mad at
Him then. So, I was saying what I wanted to say and in the middle of my
rant I heard Him. IIIII HHEEAARRD HIIIMMM!!!!! Somebody knows what I’m
talking about! He said to me, “I AM GOD. YOU DON’T TELL ME WHEN IT’S OVER.
like a baby. Then He said, “Get up and look out of the window.” I got up
and looked out and there was a line around the corner trying to get into
the place! I still get a chill when I think about it. If I had given up on
dreaming… If I had not tried one more time… I wouldn’t be here in this
place. I wouldn’t have seen all that I’m seeing now. For that matter you
wouldn’t be reading this email.

So, sometimes following God will lead you into places that you don’t want
to go. It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary. It hurts. But if you can just hold
on you will see there is another side to it. What you’re going through is
not in vain. Hold on! Keep the faith! And learn to be thankful for
whatever situation you may be in. It’s not over until God says it’s over.
And this is just your beginning. TRY AGAIN!!

There is so much more to this story, but I know you have other things to
do. I’m writing all of this in my book so you’ll be able to get the full
story one day. I just wanted to share a little bit with you. Please share
it with someone, okay?


Tyler P.

20 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Has A Message For You”

  1. I am sitting in my office going through this and I feel great. God is wonderful. Forever and Always. Thank You Tyler. God Bless.

  2. well i realized that this message from Tyler dates from back in 2009, this is 2010,and i got to say im touched. i am quite a dreamer and every time i try to make a move i just don’t get it, and it hurts.sometimes i wanna give up dreaming, and its not easy,i know i was born to live my dreams. now since God has told Tyler that “its not over until God says it is, im never going to give up!and since it has worked for Tyler,im gonna keep on trying time and again, at least till God says its over!(lol)thanks Tyler..i thank God for you!!

  3. you remind me of my hubsen he lookse just like you i don’t no what to say about that when are you comeing to st.louis tyler we miss you here come back soon ps.we miss you so much and love you…………bye tell me

  4. Tyler you are such an inspiration to my life. I always learn a lot about life through your movies. I started watching Diary of Mad Black Woman & my mother was going through the same situation that Helen was going through, & because she loved her family she holds on & pray until god answered. Quating from what Helen said,that you will reap what you saw, at the end it was like that. & things went well for my mother. I started to fall in love with Tyler Perry’s production wherein I started buying your movies starting with diary of a mad black woman; madea family reunion, daddy’s little girls, acila & the bee,why did I get married. I continously watch these movies & truly I am learning. I have watched Madea goes to jail, why did I get married too & still want to buy them as soon as they are published. I am your big fan & I pray that one day I should meet you. All the best in your coming movies.

  5. Hi! Tyler I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do its so inspiring I sometimes want to give up in this harsh times but seeing your plays and movies inspire me and help me want to contcontinue wanting to go forward and dont let no one or nothing stop me thank you so much I would one day love to meet you thats one of my dreams continue doing what your doing because your helping lots of people and inspiring thank you.

  6. Wise Men Still Seek Him!! May the Hand of God guide you. The voice of God lead you and the Love of God continually inspire you. Keep believing, hoping, trusting and all the good you seek will continue to come.

  7. wow……this is outstanding. you have no idea how much im inspired!!this is like a trigger of hope to me.You’re giving us a reason to go on and on in life. Because of you Tyler, there is no room in me for surrender in harsh times, thank you very much.may God abundantly bless you!!

  8. i love your so funny keep up the good work im a big fan i glad u use the lord in your movies praise the lord amen i was watching the play “madea class reunion” it so funny but true and a lot of praise and praying also singing but my daughter watches it 24/7 trust me when its movie night i tell her to pick a movie and she picks yours play nd she start praying every night telling him thank you for everything i be so proud i wonder who inspired u to do write great movies well thank u i hope you write back

  9. I really enjoyed reading this and can’t wait till the book comes out to read the rest. Like you while I was reading this I got chills. Thank God there is always one person willing to help out someone in need. God may not be there when you need him, but he is always on time. Like you I almost gave up on God myself, bills got behind; it seemed as thought my world was falling apart and I had no control of it. I was working myself to death and still could not seem to get ahead. Well, I found the strength to pull myself up and try to better my life, things are still hard and In still working; but I decided to take my life in a different direction an went back to school. I am two semester away from being a teacher. Of course, my family says, teachers don’t make a lot of money, but as I told them when you enjoy working with kids, you don’t do it for the money, you do it for the kids. You are an inspiration to all of us. I enjoy watching your shows but I love the plays the best. The last one you did was awesome (Madea’s Happy Family). My mother and I are huge fans and whenever your shows come Raleigh, Geensboro, or Winston Salem, we will be there. Our dream one day wil be to meet you in person after one of your shows. Keep up the good work. I keep praying and wil never give up on a dream.

  10. Dear Mr. Perry, that is a good story. I am a writer-that’s all I can do and not be miserable or make those miserable around me. I suffer from major depression and I spend a lot of time in my head. I have lived a lot of places in the last 2 years. Every time I was approved for a mental health apartment there was something like a train outside the window or a terrible building where nobody cared about peace and quiet. So I left, and I left and I left and put my things in storage multiple times. Sometimes I was in school, sometimes I was working but I couldn’t stand the noise. And I guess in my heart I couldn’t stand the notion that by all accounts THIS IS IT. Bottom line I just published my first novel on Lulu.com and I don’t think I would have done that if I had stayed in all these places hiding. Thank you for the story. It makes me feel like the idea that I don’t fit in these little grimy worlds is valid because I feel that it is. Because I don’t fit in a garbage can. Sometimes I wish that I had stayed in one of those apartments because they provided you with furniture and I would have technically had my own. But really when I moved into those places I had given up on the dream. Which really shouldn’t be referred to as a dream at all because writing is actually my lifeline. It is the only thing that makes me sparkle as I breathe. Ok, thanks be well.

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