Facebook Struggles With Cloning Virus



Oh no!! Not a Facebook virus!  Anyone who is a member should realize how far reaching that could be.  The scariest thing about the virus invading Facebook is it duplicates your profile and takes on your image and leaves you and invades others computers in your name.

The virus known as “Koobface” is similar to other duplicating menaces that have shown up in your e-mail as a friend who wants you to come to the site where they’re a member.  The virus then snatches your address book and sends the message to others.  Essentially, no one is sending these messages, but the virus.  That is more of a nuisance than a virus.  But, you don’t want friends thinking that you’re at the forefront of this foolishness.

One good point of action is to stop arbitrarily downloading so many things.  This bad boy can’t get in your computer unless you download it.  Read more here while slipping a virtual condom on your settings.  Get a play by play of how it works by listening to this report as well:

One thought on “Facebook Struggles With Cloning Virus”

  1. damn! damn! damn! james! i just started using facebook, now i gotta watch out for a virus! maybe the cdc should be looking into this one too, it affects more than just cleveland…lol!

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